It's a new and difficult world out there. We help you meet it head-on.

Progressive and public interest organizations confront a new and difficult arena in which basic democratic values are challenged. Environmental protection is undermined by industry influence and the denial of science. The public interest is betrayed by bureaucracies. Civil liberties are threatened by militarized policing, privatized prisons, and the surveillance state. Civil discourse is replaced with divisive memes and false narratives. 

While the future always brings change, some fundamental principles stand strong: democracy demands truth; civil liberties are protected when people insist on exercising their rights; communities have power when they are united in action. 

Our team is comprised of veterans of the long struggle for civil, environmental, and human rights -- and of younger members whose future depends on them. We combine the tried-and-true methods of community organizing with new digital technologies. 

We are committed to solidarity with other groups and organizations who are unwilling to retreat in the face of new challenges. We want to work with you.

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